The Most Friendly Dog On Base

Contract Address: 0x9de16c805a3227b9b92e39a446f9d56cf59fe640

Over 1,344,200+ $BENTO Holders

We're on the cusp of an extraordinary event: a massive airdrop set to reach over 2,000,000 active BASE users. But it's more than just tokens – it's about spreading the essence of the legendary friendly BENTO doggy to a world.

20% Of $BENTO Has Been Burnt (20T)

30% Base Tokens Will Be Airdropped To The Most Active Base Users (35T) - 30% Liquidity Pool (Uniswap) (30T) - 8% Reserved (8T) - 5% Marketing (5T) - 7% Early Contributors (7T)

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Financial Disclaimer: Bento is a meme cryptocurrency project with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. The Bento project is 100% community led and there is no formal team or roadmap. The token is completely for entertainment purposes only.